Not waving, drowning…or I got me the study blues!


Way back when, at the beginning of this course, I talked about Task Environment Skills Tools (TEST Framework) in which we were asked to select a problem and implement a solution. With prac well and truly dusted for this semester I have before me, not a yellow brick road full of hope and adventure, but rather a dark gloomy downward spiral of obstacles along the road. Those obstacles are in the form of assignments, quizzes and exams! Kate also blogged about Almost at the end, offering insight about how we can keep clam and ENJOY (!) the study process. Of course planning is important…we all KNOW this, yet…every semester towards the end I leave it all to the last minute, cramming furiously, dreaming of pedagogies and histories in my sleep, running madly on the treadmill as I attempt to lose all the weight in one running as I haven’t ran in 3 weeks, and living on countless cups of coffee. This of course leads me into the next 2 points  of physical activity to help the brain relax (yeah right), and proper nutrition (eating is nutritional, not eating…now that’s another matter). The next point it offers it to find some rest…well my husband heads to bed earlier then me in an attempt to get some zees in before I bring my horse and suck the air out of the room each night…furthermore I tend to talk in my sleep (all incomprehensible).

If you want to learn more click here, if you want to read a poem by Stevie Smith titled Not Waving but Drowning, click here…And if you want to hear a great song by Armitage Shanks, then click here.

Kate, you can do it, you can do it, you can do it…just like me.

Live long and prosper,


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