wait..PLM..hang on..PK..M!! and PLN… Got it now


Like a Lou and possibly countless of others, I am having difficulties remembering these acronyms to the point that I have little post it notes pinned to my cork board for prompting! Furthermore, as we are now into week 4, I really feel I need to get a grip on these and have a full understanding of how they benefit me, so here goes:

My PKM is my Personal Knowledge Management, and not Passenger-kilometre (pkm).

This refers to how I gather, classify, store, retrieve and share ideas, opinions and thoughts, enabling me to be  responsible for my own growth and learning. I do this through blogging, tweeting, using Evernote and synchronising, via a multitude of study desks, by uploading OPML files and finding the results on Feedly, and especially through Diigo as I tag different items and share it among others. These are all the new ways that I manage my new found knowledge’s.

My PLN refers to my Personal Learning Network and has been around forever. This is the entire collection of people with whom we engage and exchange information, usually online. I do this through keeping in touch with fellow students via facebook, reading blog posts via Feedly, in fact PLNs can include a multitude of different communities.

Furthermore, there are certain stages that we go through as we build up our PLN before we sit comfortably in a slot. Me, I’m sitting at Evaluation (if I’m honest), as I a trying to know it all, but deep down know that this is impossible.

Have a look…where do you sit?

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